Monday, August 23, 2010

Article of the Week Directions

Every week there will be an article for you to read called the "Article of the Week". You may read the article in class during 'work time' or at home from the class blog, the choice is yours. For each article you are to complete a response using the items below. You may complete this assignment on paper and turn it in by Friday, or you may complete it using the "Comments" section of the class blog as was demonstrated in class. At the beginning (now) your responses may just respond directly to each of the items below, but as we progress through the school year, your responses must progress into paragraphs that include all of the required information.

*If you come across an article that you think would be good for an "Article of the Week" bring it to me, if it is used you may receive extra points :)

Title of Article? 

Where did it come from? (newspaper, include name and date of paper; blog post; magazine; etc.)




Intended Audience?

Main Idea? 

Supporting Ideas?

Reaction/Thoughts? (what do YOU think about what you've read?)


  1. Davidb6

    The title of the blog is "6 steps to success for teens". The writers name is Marjie Knudsen. The date this blog was published was Tuesday, August 17,2010. The reason of the blog is to tell teens how to succeed. The intended audience of the blog is teens. The main idea of the blog is to tell tees 6 steps to succeed in life. The supporting details of the main idea are in all the steps. My reaction to the blog is that I liked the blog.

  2. Claudia Payan Per.4September 3, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    The title of the article of the week is 6 steps to success for teen. The post came from the webside Oregon it was publish on tuesday august 17 2010 at 11:33 am. The name of the writer is Marije knudsen. The purpose of this article is to teach teens to have a better teen live. The audience is teenagers. The main idea is help teenagers to know what to do when we have a problem, by given us some ideas in how to change things so we can control feelings that sometimes is hard for us to control. I really like this blog because it help me to know what to do when I have a problem and how to riact