Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Students are to create a poster/physical presentation that highlights something in their life that is important to who they are as an individual. Students are instructed to find something as important to their soul as oxygen is to their body.

Posters must be a minimum of an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of printer paper, but are cautioned that this is a minimum which will result in a maximum grade of a C+. Posters should be complete, meaning that someone with no knowledge of the student can look at it and know what it's focus is, and what the connection is to the student. Students are also cautioned about using a person or particular relationship as their focus, and NOT to create a collage of pictures of their friends.

Posters may include pictures (photos and/or magazine); artwork; objects that are meaningful and supportive of the subject matter. Posters are to be individual and reflective, but will be shared with all of the English 1 students and teachers, as well as other school staff and parents.

I can't wait to see everybody's posters!! :-)

The poster is due on Friday, Sept. 10.

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