Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prezi Character Study Assignment

I am not sure what happened but I only have 4 completed Prezis. If you need to finish your prezi, go to, log on using your email address and password. It will bring up your home page that shows all of your prezis (you only have 1). The most recent Prezi you have worked on is in the box in the center of the page, to the right there is a button that says "Edit this Prezi" click on that and it will open the Prezi editor and you can finish your prezi.

When you are finished, click the exit link at the top right of the editor and it will take you back to your home page. Below the prezi, it says 'get the link' or share and has a facebook button, a twitter button, and an email button that looks like an envelope. Click on the envelope. A box will open up where you must type in my email address in the TO box, and it will send me a message including your prezi.

my email address is this:

the prezis I have belong to students with the initials below:
sb 6th period
jd 6th period
rmo 6th period
vg 6th period

I know more people finished than this, and I am 90% positive I helped a few others send theirs to me, so I'm not sure what happened, please send it to me again. Thank you!

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