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Thursday: 5 open ended (paragraph) questions and the CFA post test on short stories

Friday: 65 multiple choice questions about the short story unit

 Short Story Exam Study Guide

“The Most Dangerous Game”
§  Plot
§  Character information
§  Point of view
§  Characterization
§  Suspenseful moments

“The Scarlet Ibis”
§  Plot
§  Sequence of Events
§  Motivation
§  Atmosphere—mood
§  Theme

“The Cask of the Amontillado”
§  Plot
§  Character information
§  Topic
§  Mood
§  Setting
§  Suspenseful moments

“The Necklace”
§  Plot
§  Characterization
§  Theme
§  Characters’ attitudes

Vocabulary within story text
§  Impunity
§  Afflicted
§  Preclude
§  Lofty
§  Indispensible
§  Wont

Separate Reading with Questions— for these questions you will read a passage that you have not read before and answer questions regarding literary elements of characterization, motivation, tone, mood, etc.

Open answer (paragraph response)
·        Be prepared to identify moments of suspense in the stories we read and explain how/why they build suspense for the reader.
·        Be able to identify internal and external conflict within the stories we read.
·        Be able to identify universal theme from the stories we read AND provide examples from the stories to support your assertion.
·        Be able to classify characters as static or dynamic from the stories we read and be able to provide examples/reasons from the stories to support your assertion.
·        Be able to communicate details of a story that create the mood/atmosphere.

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