Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Parents and Students!
Quick note to tell you that students received their progress reports today in their 3rd period classes. In my classes, will give bonus points to all students who have their progress report with them monday with a parent signature. The grade that appears on the progress report is a blend of their Short Story Unit grade and their novel unit grade. Not entirely an average though, I took into consideration the direction a students grade is going (either they are doing better or worse), and they only received an F on the progress report only if they have an F for both of the curriculuar units. A D- on the progress report is most likely a result of a passing grade in one unit, and a failing grade in the other unit. I will continue to accept any work from the current unit: To Kill a Mockingbird. This includes Article of the Week assignments back to #8. If you have questions, please contact me.
Also, over the weekend students should be working on a couple of items.
1. catch up on their reading!! Students should be into the mid 20 chapters before monday, according to the reading calendar it is actually 29 they should finish. However, I know that the majority of the students are behind, so we will take stock on monday to see where we really are and go for there. I am hoping for the mid 20s, so we can be finished before thanksgiving break.
2. students received an assignment today to create a map of maycomb from the details in the novel. I am attaching the handout just in case it disappears before it gets home or if a student was absent today. The map needs to be completed on blank, unlined paper in ink and in color. 11X17 is the ideal size (2 sheets of paper taped together) in order to have all the detail required and not have to smush anything too small.
There are still article of the week assignments every week. Very few students are actually completing this assignment regularly. If students need a paper copy, they need to ask, but I will be happy to provide.
Have a great, and safe, Veterans Day holiday!

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