Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Semester!

Welcome back! or Welcome to my class!

Either way, I am ready to hit the ground running!  This is essentially a RE-post of the directions for how to complete the Article of the Week assignment. Remember, this is NOT optional, you must do it, EVERY week.

Every week there will be an article for you to read called the "Article of the Week". You may read the article in class during 'work time' or at home from the class blog, the choice is yours. For each article you are to complete a response using the items below. You may complete this assignment on paper and turn it in by the following Monday, or you may complete it using the "Comments" section of the class blog as was demonstrated in class. Your responses are expected to be:


and yes, they are in all CAPS because they are VERY IMPORTANT!!!

*If you come across an article that you think would be good for an "Article of the Week" bring it to me, if it is used you may receive extra points :)

* Title of Article? 

* Where did it come from? (newspaper, include name and date of paper; blog post; magazine; etc.)

* Writer/Author? who wrote it?

* Date? when did they write it? when was it published?

* Purpose? why did the writer write it? to inform you of something? to make you laugh? cry? to anger you? to convince you to agree with them?

* Intended Audience? who is it meant for? old folks? teachers? parents? kids? scientists? RHS students? Santa Maria Valley? New York City?

* Main Idea? What is the article about? What is the ONE biggest, most important thing that is discussed?

* Supporting Ideas? what ideas does the writer use to explain their main idea? or to support it?

* Reaction/Thoughts? what do YOU think about what you've read?

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