Friday, February 25, 2011


On Thursday, 2/24 students from the RHS English 1 classes and students from the freshman English class in Seymore, Wisconsin had a chat via Skype. The students in Wisconsin created Public Service Announcement videos to convince California teenagers to travel to Wisconsin for their vacation time. The RHS students watched the videos and scored them, then we had our chat to discuss the videos. It was a very cool experience to have our students talking to their students!

Mr. John Steltz, from Seymore High School posted about it on his blog, along with links to each of the videos. I encourage the parents reading this to check out the videos and comments to see what these other students are doing. I also encourage my students to look at more of the videos that you didn't see in your class, and leave a comment on the blog. ***Just a reminder that just as this blog is an extension of our classroom, all comments made on Mr. Steltz blog are part of the classroom as well. This may be a way to add a bit to your Participation grade in our class ;) but make sure to be appropriate and constructive.***

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  1. Thanks to Mrs. Coats and her students for participating with us here in Seymour. It was a great experience, a learning experience for all of us. It was a first for us, breaking down the walls of our classrooms.