Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a note in my absence...

If you are either a student trying to get caught up or a parent trying to keep up, this note is for you :)

First, my apologies for being absent this week. I have been at meetings and buried behind stacks of papers, but you are not looking for excuses. I do miss you, I promise.

While you are with the substitute teacher you will follow a very simple routine. Quiz. Read. Hw. Repeat. I just updated the class website: with all the homework. Here is what I posted:

Fr 11/4 Quiz #7 chapter 20. read 21 in class. hw read 22-23.

Th 11/3 Quiz #6 chapter 18. read 19 in class. hw read 20.

W 11/2 Quiz #5 chapter 16. read 17 in class. hw read 18.

T 11/1 Quiz #4 chapter 14; read 15 in class. hw read chapter 16.

M 10/31 Quiz #3 chapter 12; read 13 in class. hw read chapter 14.

Fr 10/28 Friday Writing.... homework read chapter 12.

Th 10/27 Read Chapter 11.

W 10/26 Make up time in class. Be sure to read to end of chapter 10.

T 10/25 Read chapters 9 & 10

M 10/24 Read through end of chapter 8 before Tuesday.

Fr 10/21 Read through end of Chapter 6 before Monday

Th 10/20 READ chapter 4

T 10/18 READ chapter 2

M 10/17: Check Out Novel To Kill a Mockingbird

by the time I return on Monday. You should all be read through chapter 23. The end of 23. Make sure you are keeping up with your chapter summaries, and you are paying attention to what you read! Don't just push from page to page trying to get done. If you aren't understanding take a break, ask a friend, ask a teacher, discuss it with someone, look some of it up online. But don't just keep going! Figure it out, then get back on track.

See you Monday!

Mrs. Coats

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