Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Registration Forms

We are going to fill them out together. Get them signed over the weekend. We register on Tuesday!

Registration Forms:

1. Name, student number, home phone and today's date: 1/26/12.

2. After high school, what do you plan on doing? (Aim high! you can always backtrack later)

3. Pathway. What field interests you? Circle it

4. Core:
A. English. Most of you will be taking English 2A/B. 
when that may be different: if English is soooooooooo ridiculously easy  and you want to move into honors?
if you speak another language besides English, then you should circle the L2 class.

B. Math
If you are in 2 year Algebra A/B, you have to take 2 year Algebra C/D to finish the course.
If you are in Algebra 1, and going to pass with a C or better, then you take Geometry.
If you are in Algebra 1 and struggling (D or F, or it is FREAKIN hard!), then you take 2 year Algebra C/D.

C. Science
If you are in Ag Science now and want to stay with Ag, take Ag Bio.
If you are rocking the Earth Science and want to move up, take Honors Bio (must be doing well in Earth Science and Algebra).
Everyone else, Biology, or Biology L2.

D. Social Studies
Honors Students should take AP Modern World History. Must be a good reader, and writer, it's a college class.
Every one else, Modern World History or L2.

If you competed in a sport and earned sport PE units AND you passed PE AND you only want to take 1 more semester of PE: take Health + choose a PE class from Course 2 or 3.
If you need/want a full year of PE AND you passed PE this year, choose PE from Course 2 or 3 choices.
If you are a goofball and didn't do so hot in PE, take Course 2.

Number of courses: 7 (earn more units faster) OR 6 (normal)
 Schedule preference: 730am - 2pm  OR 830am - 3pm  **only matters if you take 6 classes

Sports or Activities: What are you into? football, FFA, Club Soccer, Swim, Special Olympics volunteer. WRITE IT DOWN

Comments: Do you have any questions for you tech that I can't answer for you? Write them down!

ALSO if you intend to play sports in college, or would like a sports scholarship to pay for college, then tell your tech you want to be NCAA eligible. WRITE IT DOWN. 

**** Get is signed over the weekend. Have it here monday! We register Tuesday.

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