Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brit Lit September 13, 2012

Journal # 12

Can you think of any other stories you know that resemble Beowulf. They follow similar plot, deal with similar subject matter, etc. What is similar, what is different? do you think the author intended for the similarities? was the author influenced by Beowulf, etc......

think and write, write and think....

We need to write an essay! 

Essay Prompt:
Today we discuss, tomorrow we draft. Due Monday.

Analyze the character of Beowulf. Identify character traits and analyze how these traits affect the relationships Beowulf has with other characters in the text and how the traits impact the plot development, particularly your overall impression of Beowulf by the end of the story.


It is said that the poem Beowulf keeps the memory of the man Beowulf alive in the minds of contemporary society. Why is it important for this story to maintain the existence of Beowulf? How does keeping Beowulf 'alive' in the minds of new readers help keep the values of a culture 'alive'?

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