Monday, November 4, 2013

Literary Terms Foldable Instructions

You will create a foldable for 10 Literary Terms according to the directions given in class. 

  • you need three pieces of paper
  • fold two pieces of paper along the vertical midline, leaving one paper with no folds
  • attach the folded pages to each side of the non-folded page on the right side
  • create 5 sections and draw lines across 
  • cut the top piece of the folded page so it opens like a book

  • on the left side, the literary tems
  • on top of the folded side, the definition of the matching term

  • inside the fold:
  • on the left side one example from our reading (Julius Caesar or assigned/related reading)
  • on the right side one example from anywhere (music, television, movies are good sources)

Group A- Last Names begin with letters A through I
Group B- Last names begin with letters J through Z

Group A:
aside irony
tragic flaw
tragic hero

Group B:
poetic justice
dramatic irony
iambic pentameter
rhetorical devices
situational irony
verbal irony

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