Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vocab List #6

English 2 Vocab List 6 
1. admonish; verb – to advise against something; to warn; to scold gently; to urge strongly. This is the last time I plan to admonish you about coming late to work. 

 2. buffoon; noun – a clown; someone who amuses with tricks and jokes. After Bert had a few drinks, he became a willing buffoon at the party. 

 3. capricious; adjective – changeable, fickle. Our weather is so capricious that it’s difficult to make weekend plans. 

 4. delineate; verb – to describe in words; to sketch. When challenged to delineate Sam’s crass behavior, we were speechless. 

 5. elucidate; verb – to make clear. Public relations experts were hired to elucidate the chairman’s position. 

 6. flagrant; adjective – outrageous; glaringly offensive. After having been accused of a flagrant misuse of company funds, the treasurer resigned. 

 7. guile; noun – crafty deceit; cunning. Many clever figures from Greek mythology relied upon guile as an expedient. 

 8. homogeneous; adjective – similar; uniform in nature. The Shore Road finds that homogeneous grouping of pupils facilitates learning. 

 9. impassive; adjective – without feelings or emotion; insensible. Good poker players are supposed to maintain impassive appearances. 

 10. latent; adjective – present but invisible or inactive; lying hidden and undeveloped. Marilyn’s latent charm came to the fore after she got a few tactful pointers from her sister. 

 11. mitigate; verb – to make or to become milder or less severe; to moderate. The doctor assured Mrs. Shiller that the medicine would mitigate her pain in a short time. 

 12. opulent; adjective – wealthy; abundant. The opulent family chose to spend money for the public benefit rather than for private indulgences. 

 13. paucity; noun – scarcity; smallness in number or amount. The paucity of rain in the Midwest will cause a serious food shortage in the months to come. 

 14. rebuff; verb – to refuse in a sharp or due way; to snub; to drive or beat back. It was sheer luck that the outnumbered patrol was able to rebuff the enemy attack. 

 15. sagacious; adjective – very wise or shrewd. Glen turned to his father for advice, for he knew him to be sagacious and understanding.

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