Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vocab List #8

1. aesthetic; adjective – showing an appreciation of beauty in nature or art; artistic. Kyra’s

aesthetic qualities were apparent in her early art work.

2. catalyst; noun – someone or something that brings about a change. Our articulate new

principal was the catalyst for school reform.

3. denunciation; noun – expression of strong disapproval made openly or publicly. We were

astonished by the tobacco heir’s denunciation of smoking.

4. embellish; verb – to decorate; to elaborate upon. For $5,000, the decorator promised to

embellish our living room with continental touches.

5. forlorn; adjective – deserted; left alone and neglected; unhappy. Feeling forlorn and full of

self-pity, Eddie was a danger to himself.

6. hypocritical; adjective – insincere; pretending to be what one is not. I found it hypocritical of

the judge to be involved in an illegal activity.

7. implausible; adjective – not having the appearance of truth or reason. Only the most gullible

member of our club would accept the implausible alibi.

8. lethargic; adjective – drowsy; dull; sluggish; indifferent. Eating a heavy meal tends to make

me lethargic, which may explain why I become a couch potato after a big dinner.

9. perceptive; adjective – discerning; observant; sensitive. Having a perceptive nature, Jason

was able to sense the child’s embarrassment even before she uttered a sound.

10. recluse; noun- a person who lives alone, away from others. Every neighborhood has its

recluse about whom mysterious secrets are whispered.

11. sanction; noun – authorized approval or permission; support or encouragement; something

that gives binding force to a law. There is no sanction for murder in human society.

12. tactless; adjective – not having or showing a sense of the right thing to do or say without

causing anger or hurt feelings; without skill in dealing with people. Bringing up the matter of

Grace’s losing her job was just about the most tactless way to start the conversation.

13. unassailable; adjective – undeniable; unquestionable; not able to attack. Brenda’s claim that

she was exempt from taxation because she had earned no money was unassailable.

14. vacillate; verb – to say unsteadily; to totter; to waver; to fluctuate. Brian’s tendency to

vacillate makes him a poor choice for president.

15. waive; verb – to dispense with; to relinquish; to postpone. The coach’s decision to waive the

penalty may have cost us the game.

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