Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vocabulary List #7

English 2 Vocab List 7

1. advocate; verb – to support; to be in favor of. Because the candidate may advocate many new social programs, he is being called a big spender.
2. carping; adjective – complaining. His carping criticism of the book was upsetting to the author.
3. demeanor; noun – behavior. When the twins adopted a conciliatory tone, Sal’s demeanor changed abruptly.
4. elusive; adjective – hard to grasp; baffling. The philosopher’s main point was so elusive that we never did fully comprehend it.
5. fledgling; adjective – newly developed; little known. Luckily, the fledgling pilot’s egregious blunder was discovered before the plane departed.
6. gullible; adjective – easily deceived. The con man told a flagrant lie but the gullible investors swallowed it.
7. hyperbole; noun – an exaggerated statement used as a figure of speech for rhetorical effect. Ione uses hyperbole when galvanizing her sales force into a frenzy of selling.
8. imperturbable; adjective – not easily excited or disturbed. We couldn’t believe that Rafael would be that imperturbable in the midst of a riot.
9. laudable; adjective – worthy of praise. The board rewarded Ellen’s laudable achievements by promoting her to chief executive officer.
10. morose; adjective – gloomy; bad-tempered. Joan’s morose nature makes her always expect the worst.
11. overt; adjective – not hidden; open. Most observers took the senator’s speech as an overt bid for his re-nomination.
12. peerless; adjective – having no equal; better than the rest. Theresa’s peerless beauty was admired by all who saw her.
13. recalcitrant; adjective – refusing to obey or follow orders; unmanageably resistant. The mule is probably the most recalcitrant domesticated animal.
14. salutary; adjective – healthful; useful or helpful; remedial. Upon sagacious reflection, Simon realized that his parents’ rebuke though painful, was salutary.

15. taciturn; adjective – habitually untalkative; laconic; uncommunicative. Silas’s long years of solitude had made him a taciturn, brooding man unused even to the sound of his own voice.

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