Monday, November 25, 2013

Vocabulary List #9

No Vocab during Thanksgiving week! YAY!! But this is the list for next week if you want to get a headstart!

English 2 Vocab List 9

1. affinity; noun – natural attraction to a person or liking for a thing; relation; connection. Harvey’s affinity for math led him to excel in our computer course.
2. catharsis; noun – an emotional purification or relief. The tragedy on stage brought about a catharsis among the spectators.
3. deprecate; verb – to express strong disapproval of. If you continually deprecate Jeremy’s efforts, thereby deflating his self-confidence, he may stop trying.
4. embroil; verb – to involve in a quarrel. The rival party sought a way to embroil the government in a dispute over the economy.
5. formidable; adjective – hard to overcome; to be dreaded. Seemingly a mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent was actually the formidable Superman.
6. hypothetical; adjective – supposed; assumed. Saying that he has an aversion to hypothetical questions, the governor refused to reply.
7. inadvertent; adjective – not done on purpose; careless. I regarded the inadvertent comment as immaterial, but it proved to be significant.
8. levity; noun – lightness; lack of seriousness; fickleness. Brad’s levity contrasted sharply with his roommate’s solemnity.
9. perfidy; noun- treachery; betrayal of trust. The double agent was obviously a man capable of acts of perfidy.
10. redundant; adjective – wordy; exceeding what is necessary or normal; lavish; overflowing. I wonder if authors who are called prolific are really merely redundant.
11. saturate; verb – to soak through and through; to fill completely. What we need now, said the farmer, is a heavy rain that will saturate the soil for a good six inches.
12. talon; noun – the claw of a bird of prey; a human finger or hand that looks or grasps like a claw; any object suggestive of a claw. The hawk’s talon closed on its prey, locking it in a vise-like grip.
13. undermine; verb – to dig or to make a tunnel under; to wear away and weaken the support of; to injure or to weaken in a slow or sneaky way. The constant pressure of water in the subterranean channels can undermine the building’s foundation.
14. validate; verb- to declare or make legally sound; to substantiate; to verify. Floyd said he had an unimpeachable witness to validate his claims.

15. wanton; adjective – immoral; senseless; deliberately malicious; excessive. The partisans condemned the dictator’s wanton disregard for human rights.

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