Friday, January 31, 2014

Today we are in the computer lab (405). Remember, we are often short seats in this lab, so it is first come first serve on chairs. If you are late, the work becomes homework.  Here is the tracking sheet I created and gave you last semester. I would like you to open another window or tab and use it to sign into your GMail account (we created them in the fall), then go to your Drive account (click on the square of little squares at the top right of your screen and choose drive), once that is open, come back to this page and click on the link below for the Tracking Sheet. Up at the top, click File and choose Make a Copy. You will need to title your document with your LastName.FirstName.Rev380TrackingSheet. Once you do so, this is now YOUR document and you can type on it. Click on the button in the top right for SHARE, and share it with me: 

Revolution380 Tracking Sheet

Make sure you have completed the PreTest. Add your scores to this page for each section of the test. 

Once your Pre-Test is complete, begin working on modules. I will review the scores and give you a specific assignment as I see necessary. 

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