Friday, August 15, 2014

ERWC Googlicious homework


Your homework is to create a gmail account. I need your accounts to be very specific so follow the directions carefully.

Some things to remember:
  1. This is an account you are making with Google, not with Righetti. No one here can access your account, nor will they be responsible for actions you take. This is you.
  2. My goal is that you have a professional/academic email account you can use on your college applications or job applications as you move forward. This account can go with you after you graduate.

Go to
Click Sign In, then Choose Create and account.

Fill in all the blanks, give REAL information, nothing funky, and only use a ‘nickname’ if it is a generic and professional sounding one. (Example: Rick instead of Richard is ok, but not Ricky, and not J-Nasty!)

for your username:


your last name MUST come first! Use the full graduation year, not just 15!

I HIGHLY recommend providing a phone number and/or another email address when it asks. This is only to allow you access to your account if you forget your password or if your account gets hacked. It happens. Plan for it.

ALSO, I HIGHLY recommend you use your school password for your password. That way if you do lose it/forget it, I can look it up for you. This is your choice though.

You will need to verify the account with either a phone call or a text message. Use a phone number that you have access to at the very moment you create the account. They will send you a message either by calling or texting you.

AFTER you have created your account, find the form on my blog titled Googlicious and put in your information.

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