Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday September 4, 2014

Today we are in the computer lab.

You have two documents to begin typing into Google Docs.

  • Resume
  • UC Personal Statement Prompt #1

I will review both documents over the weekend electronically.
I will walk you through the beginning, then ask you to work independently. 

Instructions for today:

1. Log into Google Drive (use the gmail account you created for my class)

2. Create a new document 
Title it in this format: Class Period_Assignment Name_Last Name_First Name


3. Share the Document with me: 
*Be SURE to UNcheck the box that says 'send email'

4. Go Back to Drive *Do NOT close your resume document
Create a new document
Title it using the same format, except the title of the assignment is UCPrompt1 (all together and spell it right!)

5. Share the document with me

6. Begin working on whichever document you prefer to use your class time for. 

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