Friday, October 3, 2014


Sorry Guys! I am heading home, not feeling well. Have a great afternoon, and I have heard some exciting plans for the weekend too. Have a great (SAFE) weekend!
In Class Today
Students are to complete a descriptive outline of the article: “Attacking the Obesity Epidemic.”

  1. Identify Sections of the article (last time I gave you sections, now you have to figure them out on your own). Introduction, parts of the body by subject/topic (students may have different answers), and conclusion.

  2. Write a summary of each section on your paper.
Turn in at the RedBox before you leave!


Complete Vocabulary Sentences for Week 2. Be sure you are identifying the part of speech for the word in your sentence. DUE at the beginning of class Monday with the Quiz. Be sure to have your list of words as a word bank. 

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