Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's start something new!

The link for Into the Wild is on the right side of the blog and will stay there the duration of the unit (if not longer).

Today is a new Day 1

Activity 1

Characterization Activity
Activity 2

Survey the Text
Activity 3

Take a minute or 10 to Survey the Text
On paper do this:

1. Count the number of chapters in the text.

2. Read the chapter titles, what do they have in common?

3. Read a few of the epigraphs that come before some of the chapters. Do they seem t have a common thread? What do you know about the authors?

4. How long is the book?

5. Look at maps and photographs. Write down your thoughts.

6. Identify the author and publication date.

7. What other works have been published by the same author? What do you know of them? Have you ever read any of them? 

8. From these clues? What do you think this book will be about? (if you have read it or seen the movie, indulge me please) Write your predictions.

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