Monday, February 23, 2015

Essay Submissions

Here it is.. submit your essays ... remember you must share it with me so I can see it and then get the sharable link and post it into the url box below. All essays that were turned in before I closed the form the first time will receive full credit for completion of a rough draft (regardless of content, as long as there was content). All essays submitted Monday and Tuesday will recieve credit for rough draft (4/5 instead of 5/5). 

On Wednesday I will start back at the top and start reading again. The final draft read with be very fast, I am not making any attempt at that point to improve your writing, only to provide you with a grade. Part of that grade will be your thoughts clearly articulated, part will be overall writing ability, part will be how you responded to the comments I made on your rough draft. Those of you who don't submit a rough draft will have a hard time with this (hint, hint!).

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