Friday, February 20, 2015

Today! Friday Feb 20, 2015

I lied to you... well, kind of, not really, but yeah...

Today.. Class time goes to writing your essays. On PAPER. Yes, even though I want the essay submitted through Google Drive, I still think you should do a draft on paper.. it's a good thing for the brain. It is a different thinking process, plus you can find some corrections when you transfer it to a digital version. 

I wasn't planning on giving you any class time, but since I know we are short subs today, I can't be sure a lesson plan will get followed, not even a video in case a class period gets moved. 

So.. Essay!

For draft credit it must be completed via google docs, and submitted through the form on the blog. That is where I will go when I assign credit in the gradebook. You MUST share it with me giving me either editing or commenting rights, not just viewing rights. If you put my name in correctly, you will see a picture of me. If no picture pops up, you spelled it wrong. this is not a new thing! copy the 'sharable link' into the url form on the blog. If it isn't there, it doesn't get credit. Period.

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