Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday February 17, 2015

By tomorrow I want you to have an idea of what you will be writing about and have some outline. Essentially, you must compare two of two of the articles, then show an example of when it was best to conform (either from other examples, commercials, articles, etc.), and an example when it was best to not conform (again, from examples, commercials, articles, etc.).

Here are the videos we watched in class today. 

Here are some of the print ads we looked at. 

Mostly old advertisements.

Current advertisements. 

*Many of my examples focus on sexism, this is partially because it is so easy to see in our society, but also because it is something that I spot. You may find other examples that work for gender, sexuality, language, and culture norms. Feel free to use other examples, if you think it is questionable, please talk to me about your source. 

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