Thursday, March 26, 2015


I have everything in my gradebook except for 2 stacks of paper:

  • stack one: the Rhetorical Precis papers you wrote today
  • stack two: the late pile

Then I did a grade analysis to see where we stand (because many of you have come down with acute senior-itis). 
Average grades for each class period are:
4: 71%
5: 69%
6: 74%

Since you are all very good at math and you understand that in a 100 point scale the low scores pull down an average much more than high scores bring it up. The lows are:
4: 25%
5: 32%
6: 37%

If you are between the low and the average, you need to get in gear! Please stop avoiding our work thinking you can do it later! While you are kinda sorta correct, we are almost done with 1984 and it will be off limits for makeup work when we return from Spring Break. 

*While I am flexible about late work, a few notes you should understand:
1. Vocab is allowed in late at any time and quizzes can be made up during any lunch period that I am present. 
2. Only work for the current unit of study will be allowed in late. Once we are done, we are done. I am too nice as it is!
3. Late work will be handled by me when I get to it. 
I make no promises to get it handled quickly or at any time other than before the semester is over (most likely it will be before then, but no promises). Remember, you are the one who turned it in late. I am kind in taking it for credit at all. 
4. If you find an error in your grade, let's talk. I find that the majority of errors in the gradebook come down to assignments that are not turned in on time and not labeled correctly. 

Remember guys, the real world is just over that hill that we call June. Pull it together!

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