Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday March 25, 2015

Long Beach Police to Use 400 Cameras Citywide to Fight Crime

What is the article about? 
How does this connect with 1984? 
Do you think this article might actually refer to 1984? 
Would you say that this development might be called “Orwellian”?

Connection to/Questioning the Text
What facts are reported in this text that might be useful in supporting an argument about surveillance cameras?

Do you agree with the police Chief when he says that this is “not a case of Big Brother watching” because the link to the cameras will only be activated when police already know an incident is happening in a certain area? 
How is this different from Big Brother? 
How will the police know that something is happening? 
Won’t they review the tape and see everything that happened anyway?

Stylistic Choices
In a news story like this one, the reporter interviews sources and records their responses either in a notebook or with a tape recorder. Then he or she summarizes, paraphrases, or quotes what the sources said. In this article, there are 15 paragraphs. 
How many paragraphs have actual quotes? 
How do you think the reporter decided what to quote and what to paraphrase? 
Why not just print exactly what the police chief said? 
Would that make a more accurate story?

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