Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednsday 3/11

Thank you for your patience while I was out Monday and Tuesday. I think I have everything organized from the two days with a sub and we will be back on track! I appreciate you all doing your part and getting down to business! I will need this again next week. 

Quick reminders:

1. If you will be taking any classes at Hancock, you need to take the START test. Sign up in the Career Center with Mrs. Dirkes by Friday. Do IT!!

2. CSU attenders with Conditional Status from EAP: We are recommending that you take the EPT (CSU Placment test) in order to get around the weirdness going down with Conditional Status being pushed into the Early Start. The Early Start is a good program for those of you that will need it, but if you do not need it it is an additional expense and hurdle we would like you to be able to avoid. Take the EPT, do your best (hopefully with a year of instruction your score will rise up to that Ready status). 

3. Mrs. Byrne asked me to pass on a request to any of you that have borrowed books from her personal library. Her shelves are depleted. If you are done with any book you have borrowed, please return it. If you are still acively using it, keep on keeping on! Then return it when you are finished :)

4. Quiz tomorrow on Chapters 1, 2, and 3 from Book 3 of 1984. 

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