Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monday May 11

1. Take Quiz
2. Peer Editing

You are to pair up with someone else who has completed a draft. The focus for today is the Introduction paragraph. I want the editor to read the entire essay out loud to the writer. (This can be condensed to just the introduction paragraph if needed for time. The decision belongs to the sub.) 


  • After listening to your essay, does it say what you meant? 
  • Any areas that don't match up with what you were thinking?


  • How is the introduction paragraph? 
  • Is there a thesis statement (a clear argument that lets you know the topic and argument being made by the writer)? 
  • Is the writing clear and concise? or is it confusing?
  • Are there two reasons that support the argument clearly stated in the introduction paragraph?
Go home and clarify those introduction paragraphs. NOW I want you to start typing them in a google doc. Submit them HERE. This document will be your entire essay, but your homework for tonight is to edit and type your introduction paragraph only. 

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