Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Article of the Week canceled for this week! or is it?

OMG during 5th period today, someone asked me about the article of the week, and I realized it is Wednesday, and the day was almost over! So, the only way we will do Article of the Week is if we do it together in class. SO it is not a homework assignment. at least not yet ;)

NOT CANCELLED! in the computer lab assignment!


  1. EloisaT4
    September 17,2010

    The title of the article was "Intended as Tribute, Criticized as Extravagance" by Adam Nagourney. The article came from The New York Times and was published on September 4,2010. The purpose of this article was to inform the reader what is happening to the The Ambassador Hotel where Robert F. Kennedy was shot 42 years ago after declaring victory in the state’s Democratic presidential primary. The intended audience for this article is for the people who is reading The New York Times. The main idea of this article is about the place where Robert F. Kennedy was shot at and is now gone because they built a school on the same place. My reaction or my thoughts about this article is that I think they shouldn't have removed the place where something really historic happened. They should've left it instead of building another school because they just removed a very important place in our american history.

  2. matthew shippen
    1.title:intended as tribute.criticized as extravegence. did it come from?the new york times.
    3.writer?Adam nagourny.
    5.purpose: to inform peaople of of this argument.
    6.indended adiunce: general.
    7.main idea: the school is being criticized as being to expenceve and is being a lugshery insted of a memoryall.
    8.supporting ideas:they spent millions of dollers on this school.
    9. reaction: i dont think that this was to extravigant i think this is the least we can do in memory of kennedy.

  3. Zach R4
    The title of this article is intended as Tribute, Criticized as extravegence. The article came from the New York Times and was written by Adam Nagourny. The date this article was published was September 4, 2010. The purpose of this article was to let people know that the place where John F. Kennedy was shot was taken down to put up a school. The intended audience is anyone who wants to know. The main idea is the place where Kennedy was shot is now replaced by a school. The supporting idea or ideas are there was a lot of money put into making this new school. I think that it was a good thing that they built a new school. I also think that it was a bad thing that they took down the place where Kennedy was shot because that is part of history.