Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday Sept. 16

I will be at a meeting all day Thursday September 16. I have the greatest sub in the world, all things are covered well. Classes are reading "The Cask of Amontillado," by Edgar Allen Poe in my absence. I will miss you all! and see you Friday!



  1. colin c p.5
    "Intended as Tribute, Criticized as Extravagance," by Adam Nagourney was published in los Angeles CA, September 4,2010. its purpose in ym mind was the author wanting to tell people about his thought of this extremely expensive school. intended audiences i think is anyone interested in the article! main ideas was to tell the reader about the controversy of the Robert Kenedy momorial site. the controversy was people wanting to build a school on the site and Kenedy supporters wanting to preserve it.the school is a good idea because the area that it is being built in is a poor area where kids endour overcrowded classrooms and long bus rides. also you can still have a memorial along witht the school so everyone going there will have a good hold on why the school is being built which the rememberence of Robert Kenedy. i think that the extravogance of the school is alittle extreme and maybe they should shorten the cost and then build it in rememberence of Robert Kenedy.

  2. The title of the article is called intended as tribute, criticized as extravagance. It came from New York Times on september 4, 2010. The writer of this article is Adam Nagourney. The purpose of the story is about building the most expesive school in Los Angeles. I think building a $600 million school in Los Angeles is a bad idea, because in Los angeles there are alot of trouble makers and polution. The trouble makers are going to be a bad influence to the community because they will do grafitti on the walls.

  3. skylarb6

    the title of the artical is intetended as tribute, criticized as extravance. this artical came from the new york times by adam nagoureny. it was publised on september 4, 2010. the intendid adieounce is adults. the main idea is that the school was made where jon f. kennedy was assasineted and for the poor poople in the communaty. the supporting ideas are that he died there and its a tribute to him.