Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Warm up
Write the following sentences correctly:

this weekend im gonna see the lion king i hope its a well movie

i will choose one of the following halowen costumes a gost a clown or a princess

my favorit book is to kill a  mockingbird we will read it nxt month

Choose one of the 4 short stories we have read in class. On a white sheet of paper, make a poster about the story. 

  • In the center, draw a symbol or image that is relevant to the story. 
  • Include 5 pieces of information about the plot:
    • Exposition (characters,setting, conflict) 
    • Rising action 1
    • Rising action 2
    • Climax
    • Resolution/ conclusion
  • Write a paragraph about one of the characters. Include:
    • Character's name
    • physical description
    • personality description

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