Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are you Living Your Eulogy or Your Resume?

Are You Living You Eulogy or Your Resume?

annotations in text

Steps to Shred/Analyze/Dissect an Article

1.  Preview the text: (Get an idea of what you expect to read)

A) Do you see any sections? How are they marked? (by spaces, subheadings, etc.)
B) Are there any visuals? charts, pictures, quotes
C) Do you get any additional information from visuals (if any)?

2.  As you read:

A) Write ?s (question marks) in the margin near things that you don't understand
    B) Circle words you don't know or phrases that are confusing
    C) Underline ideas you think are important
D) Write !s (exclamation marks) around ideas or statements that need a second look.
E) Write happy faces :-) or sad faces :-( for ideas or statements that you either agree or disagree with

3.  After you have read the article twice:

A) Write/put a box/square around the main idea or position statement AND

B) Write stars next to key supporting details


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