Friday, January 10, 2014

The Science of Happiness

The New Science of Happiness


Preview the text. Get an idea of what you expect to read.
Look at the first section (first page until the first subheading)... looks like an introduction to me, what do you think?
As you read:
     put ?s in the margin near things that you don't understand
     circle words you don't know
     underline ideas you think are important
     put !s around ideas or statements that need a second look.
Look at the charts individually. What information do you get from the data?
Look at the '8 steps.'
Take the little quiz. 
     Where do you score? 
     What does it say about you? 
     Do you think it is accurate? 
     why or why not?
Put a box/square around the main idea or position statement.

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