Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Letter to Parents

I have now sent home a letter to all my 10th graders suggesting/recommending that students AND parents take a look at the Smarter Balanced Assessments that will be in place next year. They 11th graders next year will be the first students to take the new assessments (aside from the field tests this year). That means the current 10th graders!!!

Look at the Practice Test. I'm not asking that you take the test, but you do have to put in answers to move from one question to the next. Look at what it asks you to do. Look at if you feel comfortable with the questions. This is very different than any standardized test you have taken so far. 

I am offering extra credit to students who bring back the signed letter saying that they have looked at the practice test. Please do so. Please don't just sign it and bring it back for the points. I want you to know what the test is like!!!

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