Friday, April 11, 2014


I want to give all of my students advance notice that I will be unavailable on Monday during lunch. As many of you are aware, we are currently in contractual negotiations with the school district and that we are at impasse requiring the State of CA to send in a mediator. On Monday, I will not be performing any of the actions that I would normally do that are outside of my contractual obligations. 

I wish things were not like this. I come to work every day to work with your students because I love what I do. I enjoy teaching, I enjoy working with teens helping them move forward in their lives. This nasty business with our contract is a distraction and it is draining. 

We are stuck. We want to move on. We want to get back to our focus of teaching students.

Please understand that I will be spending my lunch break with my colleagues and thus unable to volunteer the time to students as I typically am available to do. 

(posted Friday April 11 2014, at 502pm from my home).

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