Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ahhhh....say what!?


The novel has ended. Richard Parker has walked "unceremoniously" out of our lives just as he walked out of Pi's life. Now we must let it sink in. 

It is a piece of fiction.... so many of you believed from the beginning that it is a 'true story,' or based on a true story in some way. Well..... now what? does it change what you think? Is it better? worse? frustrating? what do you think about it being fiction? I challenge those that think it loses meaning in being a piece of fiction. It is no different than the experience Pi has with the Japanese investigators. What does it matter if it is 'true' or not? We come to the end with an experience, with upheaval and empathy, that is true.  Literature is a wonderful way to experience the world in ways that we cannot, will not, or don't want to experience it in person (I know I wouldn't want to live through the ordeal Pi describes). 

Think about it!

Next we will be looking at Pi as a character, as a creation by the author. What are his character traits? What evidence exists within the novel to support your thoughts? What is direct and indirect characterization? How does religion play a role in Pi? in the novel? 

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