Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting work done!

Genius Hour a day early and it is awesome! I love seeing all of your projects and seeing you excited about what you are doing and making!

1. You must document your work in a way that you can present it to the class. Options include:

  • blogger
  • google presentation
  • tumblr
  • website
  • video
  • etc... I'm open to other ideas, just talk to me about it before you get too deep into it. AND remember, some platforms (like tumblr) you can't work on at school because of the firewall. Keep this in mind when you are deciding.

2. You must have a product that you create. 
It can be a physical object (food, dresses, car, potato gun, robot) or it can be web-based (website, game, etc).

3. The final due date is the end of May. 

4. No project will be a letter grade drop in your semester grade. We have dedicated 20% of our class time to this project and it is your primary homework. You MUST do a project. Struggle is fine, but you have to do something. If you are struggling, talk to me.

Read all the way through Chapter 95 before class on MONDAY.

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