Monday, June 2, 2014

Going into finals!

By end of today all my grading information will be input and I will have discussed this with classes. Here's the dealio: 

If you did a project, your grade is a bit higher than the number says it is. How much higher depends on how awesome your project was. 

If you did not do a project at all: your grade is a full letter grade lower than the number says it is. We discussed this, at length, lots of times. 

If you did a project but not a presentation, you will lose points in the gradebook for the presentation as a Teacher Assessment, but still get the positive bump for completing the project. How much of a bump depends on how awesome your project is. 

I wish this could be more concrete, but learning is messy, and grading is just as messy.

The final exam will impact your grade!!! If you do amazingly well or horribly bad it will be about a half of letter grade change either positive or negative. If you do in the medium range you should not see a huge change.

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